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"Over the years we have seen entire villages destroyed by harsh tropical storms, but every EcoCrete building
we constructed is still standing." -- Jerry Kramer, CEO Pacific International
EcoCrete Design & Technical Information
EcoCrete Panel Test Reports
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Floor panel load test (by Bucher & Willis, Duncan, BC City, MO)
Complied with ACI318-71 building code
Panel shear test (by Hugo & Partners, S. Africa)
See report for results
Seismic testing (by Res. Institute for Human Settlement, Jakarta, Indonesia)
Approved for Seismic Zone 3
Structural strength testing (by Testing Engineers, San Diego, CA)
Panel strength in excess of design and local seismic loads
Sound transmission loss testing (by Coffeen Fricke, Lenexa, KS)
Met ISO 140-3 standard (STC rating of 47)
Fire endurance testing (by Consulting Engineers Group, Glenview, IL)
Met CAN4-S101 and ASTM E119 standards (2 hour interior rating)
Heat loss testing (by Butler Mfg and Research, Grandview, MO)
See report for results
Testing to U.S. structural building standards (by ICBO Evaluation Service)
Complied with 1997 Uniform Building Code &2000 Int’l Residential Code
Welded plate shear testing (by Mohsen Saleh, Structural Engineer)
Design value of 5.00 kips with safety factor of 2.0 from failure load
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