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Affordable, Safe, Sustainable Homes for All
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"Over the years we have seen entire villages destroyed by harsh tropical storms, but every EcoCrete building
we constructed is still standing." -- Jerry Kramer, CEO Pacific International
Overview of the EcoCrete Building System
Molds: The Process Begins With the Rugged EcoCrete Forming System
Stephen Andrews, Senior Structural Engineer with Professional Engineering Consultants, explains how EcoCrete panels retain the design strength of solid panels.
Reduce concrete and steel by 50%
Easily add window and door openings
Proven system worldwide
Build more sustainably
EcoCrete = Fast + Low-Cost + Versatile + High Quality
With patented EcoCrete molds you can crank out perfect precast panels of practically any size or shape without skilled labor and with little chance for error. EcoCrete molds and curing covers are fabricated from rugged ABS plastic and a rigid extruded aluminum frame. With reasonable care, EcoCrete molds and covers can last for many years and hundreds of uses.
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