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Affordable, Safe, Sustainable Homes for All
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"Over the years we have seen entire villages destroyed by harsh tropical storms, but every EcoCrete building
we constructed is still standing." -- Jerry Kramer, CEO Pacific International
  Disaster-Resistant Construction Faster, Greener, More Affordable.
About Us
More Than 30 Years of Precast Concrete Experience and Innovation

International to Building Solutions has its roots firmly planted in concrete! For more than 30 years we have engaged in virtually every aspect of structural and architectural concrete production and construction. We leveraged our years of experience and deep domain expertise to develop the breakthrough EcoCrete forming system. This unique system combines the key benefits of solid precast, pour-in-place and tilt-up systems, with the added benefits of significantly lower material and labor costs. The dramatic reduction in raw materials also makes EcoCrete far more sustainable option. Read more about EcoCrete sustainability.

Over the years, builders and developers from across the U.S., South America, the Caribbean, Asia, the Pacific Islands, and many other parts of the world have enjoyed EcoCrete ’s many benefits on thousands of diverse projects. Examples of EcoCrete projects range from special applications such as cooling towers, artificial reefs and barrier walls, to low cost housing communities, to multi-story luxury hotels. Read more about EcoCrete applications.

Making Disaster-Resistant Construction More Affordable

One of the important goals of our company is to make disaster-resistant construction more widely available and affordable. Historically many projects have been constructed with unsuitable materials for the local environment simply because more weather and earthquake resistant materials were too costly.

The EcoCrete system has proven to be an extremely cost-effective alternative to traditional construction methods. But it is arguably the most cost-effective system available when used to construct disaster-resistant buildings. EcoCrete has been used extensively and successfully in many coastal locations, such as the Philippines and Guam, where wind speeds of up to 165mph (266kph) are commonplace and in high risk seismic zones, such as in the western U.S., South America, and Indonesia.

We take great satisfaction and pride in knowing that by making stronger and longer-lasting buildings more widely affordable, the EcoCrete system contributes to the safety and better quality of life for thousands of people around the world.

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Stephen Andrews, Senior Structural Engineer with Professional Engineering Consultants, explains how EcoCrete panels retain the design strength of solid panels.
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