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Affordable, Safe, Sustainable Homes for All
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"Over the years we have seen entire villages destroyed by harsh tropical storms, but every EcoCrete building
we constructed is still standing." -- Jerry Kramer, CEO Pacific International
  Disaster-Resistant Construction Faster, Greener, More Affordable.
For more than 30 years, EcoCrete structures around the globe have withstood typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes and other harsh tests of time and nature. The versatile EcoCrete building system makes it uniquely possible to construct attractive, disaster-resistant, reinforced concrete buildings in a fraction of the time and with half the raw materials of solid panels of the same thickness.
  We designed every detail of the EcoCrete system to speed construction and reduce construction costs - without compromising structural strength. With this unique system you can cast panels indoors or directly on the jobsite using 50% less concrete and steel reinforcement and then erect panels the next day in a fraction of the time of cast-in-place or tilt-up. Because EcoCrete panels bolt together without need for welding, carpentry or masonry, they can be erected by minimally trained and unskilled laborers.  
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